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Comfy Night Set

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Comfy Night Set includes Wedge, Half-Roll and Knee Pillows.

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Comfy Night is Perfect when:

Acid Reflux

Thanks to its wedge shape, the pillow makes sure your head is above the stomach, which ensures that the acid doesn’t make it into your gullet, reducing the frequency of heartburn.

Neck and Back pain

Neck and Back Pain

The Wedged Pillow has a hollow slot for a shoulder, where you can put your arm, ensuring straight spine and proper posture of shoulders and neck.

Lower Back Pain

With the Knee Pillow, you may position your legs without in a way that won’t bend your spine, providing low pressure on knees and hip joints.

Lower Back pain


Wedge shape provides tilted posture of your torso, making it impossible to throw your head back, which is a common cause of snoring.


By putting the pillow under your legs and knees. This position reduces fatigue and improves your blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation

“Comfy Night is here to posture you up
for a better night”


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